After millions of taxpayers money was spent to meet bill for treating Gen.Kasirye Ggwanga,he has disregarded Doctors advise and gone back to smoking. Journalist Andrew one of his close friends has disclosed in a Facebook post reproduced here below;


Many media houses called me asking me whether Brig.Gen.Kasirye Ggwanga had breathed his last, I some how became emotional and my response to such remained; “Why do u want him dead?why not ask how he is than death?! But that’s how devastating Kasirye’s life had become a few months ago. He under went a complete over haul in his body to detoxicate high levels of alcoholic contents after collapsing in a bath tab, thanx to highly trained Ugandan medics at IHK. On discharging him, they seriously warned him against two things if he still needed his new lease of life;….smoking and drinking alcohol.

The US Medical trip

Few days later, Kasirye was flown out to US by the army leadership for a re-examination of his body functionality. Good enough, the doctors in US opened to him that the guyz in Uganda had done a good job, but they also agreed with their ‘learned friends’ in Uganda that the fierce Brig.completly abstained from smoke and alcohol if he needed his life. The US experts also found some bullet fragments in his flesh which have taken decades in his body, but warned him that if they removed them he wouldn’t survive. They advised him to live with them.

Ggwanga discharged two Weeks ago

But hardly two weeks now since he came back from US, I found the guy smoking like a chimney! When I asked him why he is not abiding by the doctor’s advice he responded; “Cut the crap, did Gen.Aronda, Chris Kasami, Bath a Crescent, Kazini etc die of smoking?, are they (doctors) God? do you know how many years I have been smoking? To stop smoking is gradual, because it’s addictive, I will stop when I want, cut the crap i don’t buy it!”

Journalist Irumba chased like chicken thief;

Kasirye chased me from his compound after learning on Sunday a sister paper Kamunye wrote ‘crap’ (according to him) about him, I was saved by my legs!!