William Ntege Kyuma kya Yesu, the young man who dragged MP Semoe Nsubuga off the queue of Members of Parliament lined to greet the Kabaka in Mubende on July 31 2017 has once again been denied bail at Mubende court.

Although Ntege had a powerful legal team led by Kampala prominent human rights lawyer Rwakafuzi the Mubende chief magistrate went below expected levels when he listed two grounds for denying Ntege who is charged of a minor case of simple assault bail. He ruled that Ntege couldn’t be granted bail because of;
1. Being a non resident of Mubende magisterial jurisdiction.
2. Presenting local sureties, who happen to live in Mubende, yet the applicant is a resident of Kampala.
The court room was packed to capacity after Nrm’s Semoe Nsubuga the complainant and state witness in the matter mobilised Nrm-MPs and supporters to attend the court session that was specifically for mentioning if the case.
Meanwhile the Magistrate has ordered Ntege through his lawyers to seek for reconciliation with Semeo Nsubuga. He then remanded him up to the 18/08/17.