The Makerere University governing body has given a 24 hour eviction notice to all people operating kiosks in the University.

However the move has been strongly opposed by the student he leaders body who reason that this will greatly affect poor students who can’t afford food in upscale restaurants in the university.

The guild President, Kato Paul has issued a statement reproduce here below;

This evening, I had a meeting with a group of men and women operating small kiosks in the university. These people solely sell food to students and even some staff members at a very affordable price.

This comes after yesterday’s notice of demolition that was given to these people with an ultimatum of 24 hours before any alternative for the students that have their lunch from these people was provided.

Kiosks owner in the Guild President’s University

Its told these people, some of whom cried in my office that I was going to engage management on this matter such that the planned alternatives are availed before demolition is done because students can’t afford to study with empty stomachs just became someone needs kiosks out of campus.




NB: I still maintain it that Makerere University is dominated by students from humble backgrounds who can’t afford food of 4000shs in halls of residence and the only rescue they have are these kiosks.
My take is that no demolition should take place without an alternative in place for our students.
I thank u

Kato paul
Guild president