Kyuma kyayesu Ntege William is no longer facing a criminal prosecution like any suspect but a political persecution by the NRM Parliamentary caucus.

SpearNews has learnt that State Minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda has been tasked by the Party Chairman, Mr.Museveni to head the campaign that will ensure that Ntege William is harassed as a person to show other youth who are gearing up to fight pro age lifting MPs that life is going to be difficult for them.

The SpearNews has learnt that the team has been given an initial budget of 500million shilling entrusted to the Nrm- cacuas treasurer the Kakumiro district MP Nabanja. Kiwanda’s team is also set to sponsor hooligans to attack anti-age lifting MPs at function in the Kyumakyayesu style but this time to beat them over opposing the amendment of the constitution in favor of the “beloved Museveni”. Kiwanda’s team that has been holding meetings since the Mubende incident have coined a new name ” Kyumakyasitani” to refer to Ntege and raised a cyber warrior team to attack Ntege and the opposition MPs. Lined up for assault is MPs Bakireke Nambooze,Ssewanyana Allan,Kasibante Moses,Ssemujju Ngaanda,Muwanga Kivumbi,Medard Ssegona and Mpuuga Mathias.

Today Kiwanda has mobilised a handful of MPs to camp at Mubende court to intimidate the magistrate into denying Ntege bail. Each of these MPs was given “facilitation” of 500,000/-

Meanwhile the situation at Mubende Court is tense as Ntege’s team has also lined up a legal team headed by human rights lawyer Rwakafuzi to rescue him. The team has raised strong sureties including members of Parliament and senior citizens from Mubende