Museveni has reintroduced the deadly Mayumba-kumi security system that was used the1980s by Obote during his second regime.

The system that provides for zoning of villages into sub-zones comprised of ten-homes (Mayumba kumi) with a chairman appointed by the Office of the RDC has been kick started in Buganda with the Kampala metropolitan area being targeted first.

According to Chairman Lule of Gulama village, the RDC and police delivered forms on which the by(LCs) are registering ten neighboring homes and identify a coordinator(Chairman) of these homes. He said that police says that the system is under the Police neighbourhood watch program. He said that the appointed coordinator will under go para -military training in a coming training program for crime preventers.

Senior residents whom the SpearNews has interviewed have expressed fear over this system saying that it was the biggest source of persecution,state murders and harassment of citizens during Obote II regime.
“Am going to raise this matter with Parliament, as much as we support the neighbourhood watch police program to curb crime,there is no need to institutionalize it.What we need is to sensitize the people to keep vigilant and be security conscious”, said the Member of Parliament Mukono.