By  Maureen Kyalya Waluube

As we move towards yet another round of enslaving ourselves in our own land, I would like to remind Ugandans the fruits of marrying foreign wives. Of course I cannot stop you because it is biblical, you have eyes but do not see and you have ears but do not here.

As I write this, all the Kings we worship and bow down too in Uganda are children of Egytians and Sudanese Nilotics (Luo) who migrated to Uganda under the Leadership of Rukiidi Mpunga and was allowed by Ugandans to abuse and take away their God led Kingship and leadership. THIS IS THE SAME FREEDOM YOU ARE GIVING #YOWERIKAGUTAMUSEVEN whose mother and father you do not know to defy abuse and destroy everything Ugandan.

As a result all the legally recognised Ugandan Kings from Kigezi to Karamoja are Babiito and their children. The “Mukama’s as they call themselves; Kabaka; Kyabazinga; Emorimori; Rwots; mention it. Your culture is crushed, your gods are defiled, your land is abused, your freedom is a myth and yet you are too blind to see what is right under your noses.

All the slaves in Uganda; called Bairu (HEBREWS) in Western Uganda and Peasants elsewhere are children of native Ugandans who moved all the way back from slavery by the Egyptians only to be enslaved by the Bahiima (Egyptians) whose women they married and whose children were brought up with a cold Egyptian heart to enslave Hebrews (Bahiima) and rule over them on their own land.

All the confusion of the Lango (people with many languages) also called Bakedi or Basoga although has now become a tribe were children of foreign women each teaching their own children their own mother tongue hence the tribalism and unnecessary unending wars in Uganda. For sure in Busoga where I come from; Ibrahim (Called Mawerere) in Busoga, while living there having left his home I assume in Bunhole where all humans were created, had 3 women. The first woman was an Egyptian woman Haggai who gave birth to the oldest child (Kakaire) also known as Gabula (foreigners can offer what natives cannot) and these have maintained a none ending war, burning and killing each other over centuries.

East of the Nile “Kedi” believe it or not that whole country as shown in green on the map was one nation called Busoga, changed to Bukedi by the British Governor when he reported we who lived there were “naked and shameless” hence becoming Bakedi. From the Owen falls dam to Karamoja we spoke one language, an elderly of Teso who went to world War One and is over 100 years now said we spoke Kumam. So by the time the British came we all cooperated, worked together and spoke Kumam.

But ask yourselves how many tribes and kingdoms and divisions to we have now. Karamajonga, Acholi, Langi, Teso, Kumam, Gishu, Soga, Lamogi, Kene, Gwere, Samia, etc each speaking their language and fighting for a share of physical land that we otherwise used to enjoy together as a nation.

I was wondering where all these tribes came from until the Lord I worship, who inspires me to talk to your hearts gave me the answer. The Lango actually have recorded it in their history. They are descendants of King David and very specifically of King Solomon his son according to their own recorded and generational history.

If any of you reads the bible which all Ugandans should read as a history book, then tell me, just how many foreign women did King Solomon marry? Are you surprised that you have the Iteso right in heart of Lango clearly denouncing not to be part of you but ruling over all of you and having domain over the old Lango teritory all the way to present Bukedi to the Japadhola borders. Was Solomon’s most favourite wife a Lango of Ugandan if I can put it that way. Was he a native of your land?

Cant you see that although we clearly have mother tongues which are Kumam (Mother Tongue) used by our ancestors and Lunhole (Creation Tongue) used by our fore fathers usually called Bachwezi in history; our land is so dominated by our sisters and brother who are children of foreign women, each with a speicific foreign tongue now called tribe that they would never allow us to unite under any National unifying language.

I was only a child but realised that by removing Luganda as an official language and replacing it with Swahili so we had two foreign languages English and Swahili, the MPs were taking us back to being alien and colonised in our own country. If millions of us managed to learn English, how could we fail to learn a national language even if it was Karamoja, deemed to be the hardest tongue.

But we all allowed #M7 and #NRM to take away our only unifying national language now we have replaced it with Kinyarwanda being marketed as Lunyankore.

As they offer you Rwandese women to marry as my friend #AtwookiJudieJudith was alarmed with 50 iron sheets to build their homes. Just remember you are building those houses for foreigners on Uganda soils and effectively giving away even the little that is left of our nationality.

I am very positive that since many of your were brought up as Kings, you will die as first as white ants as soon as you are made slaves. Now #M7 has made himself King of #Bunhole your ancestral home in Busoga/ Bukedi where you all come from and you are all going there to beg him even for your own land, forests and natural resources. You are worshipping him and accepting gifts from him.

Fighting and rejecting your own children like you rejected Jesus and yet through hypocrisy now worship him after his death. And you are expecting him and his people whom you do not know but only guess to treat you as humans when they eventually own all your land which is soon happening through the said LandBill.

Does any of you know #M7 father or mother. Has any of you been invited to their graveyard and shown the graves of his grand parents. From what tribe and clan is the name Kaguta? Is there any family with that name other than his own?

These are questions you need to ask yourselves. Of course I know your eyes cannot see, your ears cannot hear but I have taken the time to write this down so your children who will be slaves and destitute by all standards can read and understand that you their ancestors were gluttons and through your greed knowingly sold their land and heritage to foreigners.

We the Uganda Tories and conservatives will do our job to try and save your land from foreigners but it is really up to you. The Creator gave you free will. You want to be slaves and destitute on your own soils, so it shall be.