Aruu County MP Odonga Otto, has been arrested as he bravely sided with enraged Amuru citizens confronting land serveyors led by minister of Lands Betty Amongi.

The resident woman undressed before the Minister as men blocked the road with burning logs protesting the Ministry’s move to survey their land, which they intend to give to sugar cane grower Madhavani


Police which usually escorts land grabbers fired teargas and live ammunition to disperse the unarmed protesters. It’s reported that many Amuru residents were injured in the fracas

The determined residents chased away the Minister and her team which retreated back to Kampala

RPC Bosco Otim arrested MP Odong Otto allegedly to ‘protect him.

Some leaders in Acholi including DP President Norbert Mao support the sugar project. Sugar cane plantations impoverish residents whenever they are as they have to depend on bought food.

MPs Gilbert Oulanya, Lucy Akello, former spy chief David Pulkol are some of northern Uganda politicians directly opposed to this move happening everywhere in Uganda under Museveni’s army and police

According t the Daily monitor  Democratic Party president Norbert Mao is one of a few highly placed leaders from Acholi behind this exercise.

“Some leaders in Acholi including DP President Norbert Mao support the sugar project” Reported the monitor.

MP Otto, residents and other Acholi leaders, say the 10000 hectares of land for the sugar plant is being grabbed from the locals living them paupers on their cradle land

Former spy chief David Pulkol says the sugar plant should not be forced into the people of Amuru, unless Madhivani is willing to allow the profits to be shared with the residents per kilo of sugar.

“Why are you forcing our citizens to surrender their land and their only inheritance to you and your privileged thieves?” he wondered.

After being chased, the Minister Amongi blamed Otto for people’s anger saying Minister Amongi says the protesters were ferried by the MPS from Apaa, Lakang and Keyo

she insists that the land survey will proceed against people’s will.