Akena can’t defend his ability in anything beyond being son of Obote. He doesn’t even understand Museveni who exiled his father who brought him to limelight.

It is really mystery how a mental midget like Akena could ever aspire for leadership of a great party like UPC, let alone be a national leader.

The man does not have the intellectual capacity to be even a village leader. Just look at his record as a member of parliament. In more than 8 years sitting in that bogus house, have you heard Akena move a motion on any economic or social policy, or even debate on anything of substance? A man fathered by the great Obote!

He has been telling his sycophants that Museveni has promised to hand over power to him, just like Moi anointed Kenyatta’s son Uhuru as his successor-what a sham!

He clearly does not understand Museveni who exiled his father, later on, Kenyan politics- and the fact that Uhuru tried to create his own power base, separate from KANU, which was already a badly soiled brand in any case. He does not understand Kenya politics.

His only strength is that he is the son of former president obote-a position he has failed to add a dot of credit. He does not have a clue as to what he would do with power, should he accidentally stagger into it.

Debate inside the UPC is very necessary at this moment in time, because I don’t think we can carry on with Akena and his wife any longer.

The two are scum, and make our task to fight the dictator even more difficult to rebuild the party and get back to power and to where we belong.

The issue here really is if James Akena and his wife Betty Amongi are beyond redemption or reached a point of no return.

This article was first published on Okello’s facebook page