Notorious army man Brigadier Kasirye Gwanga lost cool with land grabbers and burned a contractor’s grader hired to clear his disputed  land to ashes

The tractor belonging to Denis Zimba Wakabi reportedly hired by an un-named developer was burned Saturday at Lweza along Entebbe Road.

According to an eye witness, Brig. Kasirye Gwanga stormed the scene as the operators set off to work. He immediately fired 3bullets in air and everyone dispersed. His only statement was that the land belonged to him.

“Kasirye Gwanga arrived on the scene and fired three bullets in the air and then poured petrol on the tractor and shot a bullet at it that triggered the fire,” The eye witness said

According to Matooke republic online news, Kasirye watched the brand new tractor burning until It got to cinders.

The owner whom reports say acquired a bank loan to purchase the tractor is likely to press charges against Kasirye Gwanga.