The fact that Budadiri West MP Nandala Mafabi opted out of the Forum for Democratic Change presidential race when all indicators showed that he was the most favourite among the contenders has left many people guessing on what his likely to be his next move.

The Ugandan an online media house quoting a unrevealed source alleges that Nandala believes the main opposition party is now becoming irrelevant and would therefore be launching a new political party.
Under the current law Mandala cannot cross from FDC to form a new political party without missing his seat. He can however join another party in 2020,a year before the general election.

Mafabi’s longtime rival Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu is today Monday being nominated for re-election as party president.

Political analyst say this election his likely to leave FDC more divided than before and signs that the biggest opposition party might split into a new party are visible.

In 2012, Muntu defeated Mafabi with 32 votes and the two have never reconciled. Mugisha Muntu offended Nandala’s supporters gravely when he hunted him down and replaced him as a Leader of opposition in Parliament.

Mafabi is reportedly out of the country but had he wanted to pick nomination forms, the party constitution would allow him Town pick them through an agent, which he hasn’t done.

Mafabi who currently is the FDC Secretary General is reportedly working with MPs across the political divide to work out a formation of a new political party by 2020.
Efforts by SpearNews to reach Mandala for a comment were futile but his close allies said that he will be addressing the public on why he is not in the FDC presidential bid as soon as he returns to the country.