The most wonderful thing with elections especially internal party elections is that words spoken against colleagues die off fast soon after the campaigns. Still, although mature politicians leave these words to pass, the scars live on and at times when scratched they bleed into septic wounds that may never heal.

The FDC internal Presidential campaigns are bringing out the worst the party has sat on for years. Actors from both the Mugisha Muntu and Amuriat camps are without any form of control hurling insults to discredit leaders, telling outright lies and blackmailing each other like never before.

Social media has added a new avenue for activists on both sides to issue missives on behalf of their camps with authority though the same might not have been discussed and agreed upon.
Today we bring you a dossier by a senior Mugisha Muntu campaign agent in which he denounces FDC’s biggest ally in the Capital City politics as having had no role in the victories of party members in Kampala. In fact according to Mr.Rajab Kaaya,Lord Mayor Lukwago and his TJ political outfit “fought Fdc” in the City. Rajab Kaaya write;

Dear Comrade Moses Atocon Atyekwo!

Since we agreed on our part as Team Muntu4President to run a fact based, educative and in form at I campaign! We value the image of our Party more than anything else.
Let me educate you my dear brother.
FDC had only two Councilors at KCCA – City Hall and the two cru NCI were from Lubaga North and South, namely; Namugenyi Hawa and Lukwaya Henry. These councilors were Pro – Lukwago in the first place but later changed and joined forces that were against Lord Mayor Lukwago. I presented this matter in NEC and we discussed it and resolved as follows;
1. NEC appointed Hon. Augustine Ruzindana to counsel those two councilors and bring them back to order
2. Other leaders from Buganda were equally mandated to talk to them and to show them why it was very dangerous for them to go against a fellow opposition leader and to support regime against their own.
The two councilors were talked to and agreed to change! unfortunately they didn’t change.

Therefore, working with other leaders in Lubaga we agreed not to support them in Party Primaries. This indeed happened!
It’s crucially important to note that prior to the general elections, FDC party had held a number of political activities that positioned the party and attracted more party support. These included among others; Election of party structures in Kampala, you may not know how this exercise was very competitive. Candidates who wanted to participate as Councilors at Division and Authority levels started their journey competing against their prospective internal opponents. ( case studies, Lubaga, Makindye, Kawempe and Nakawa Divisions).
Secondly, the FDC presidential flag bearer activities were equally responsible for marketing the party more and raising momentum.

You may not know exactly what used to happen here in Uganda, in the evening people would sit in their sitting rooms to find out where candidates Besigye and Muntu campaigned or spent their days.

Lastly, the Presidential campaigns added more Momentum and thus increasing the number of votes FDC got since it’s inception and the number of councilors across Uganda,
That said, you talked of a strategic alliance between Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and FDC having been responsible for winning seats at KCCA, that’s not true. Yes FDC accepted to withdraw Mr Miles Rwamiti who was our Lord Mayor Candidate in favor of Lukwago. You need to learn effective today that there were no alliances at any councilor level. Truth for Justice TJ of Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago fielded candidates at all levels including MP levels and so were our brothers and sisters in Democratic Party. If I may ask you, where was a strategic alliance in this matter? Do you know the fights that took place at rallies in Kampala and Wakiso between FDC and TJ candidates?
The party built momentum prior and during campaign resulting into a wave that swept most positions in Kampala Capital City Authority. Next time ask me to give you facts on how many Councilors we had in Kampala at Division levels 2011 – 2015 and how many we have today.

My last questions:

1. Do you know that 90 % of FDC Councilors both at Authority and Division level in Kampala are leaders in the FDC structures?

2. Do you know that 95% of FDC candidates fielded in Kampala in 2016 are leaders in the FDC structures?

Get all these facts right.

One Uganda One People